Riccardo Zaghini

Riccardo Zaghini

“Since I was born, curiosity and creativity have always distinguished me.
I graduated in 2014 from the Alma Mater Studiorum faculty, Aldo Rossi University of Architecture in Cesena.
Construction fascinated me for its creativity element, but I was dreaming to apply myself in something that better satisfied my creative ambitions.
So, the moment I graduated in architecture, I took a different path: I moved into fashion and in early 2015 I started to attend Alchimia, a contemporary goldsmith art school in Florence.With the teachings received, I began to design and make the first jewels from the desk of my room.
Thanks to social media, I began to receive various commissions. My prototypes were appreciated right away, which I am very proud of! Over time, followers and commissions grew.
In October of the same year, I then opened my store and laboratory: Bee Light. I chose my city, Rimini, to launch this exciting and stimulating project.
In 2016, the year after, I made another big step that I had been working on for some time: to give identity to my brand. Bee Bright was born, a special micro glitter finish that gives greater brightness to each stone used in our various designs, a feature that distinguishes us from any other.
Today, I carry out my activity as Creative director at Bee Light and I am constantly engaged in innovation and research of new, sustainable and eco-compatible materials”.

(Riccardo Zaghini | Founder & Creative director)

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