Our Mission

Safeguarding the habitat of bees

The whole team is united by the love and passion for what we do and for the place we live in, with the hope of being able to make it better every day.
We work with people because they are the best way to extend our thinking of environmental protection, creating moments of man-environment connection as much as possible.

According to the UN Biodiversity Report, 90% of wild flowering plants depend to a large extent on the transfer of pollen by animals, including bees.
Not only that, 75% of food crops, which contribute 35% of the volume of global agricultural production, also depend on pollination.

The role of bees is fundamental within our ecosystem, in Europe alone there are about 1,500 different varieties of vegetables: these can continue to exist only thanks to bees.
Do you know the amount of flowers a single bee visits on average each day?
Approximately 3000.

50,000 to 80,000 bees live in a hive.
These numbers make us understand that our fragile ecosystem is supported by tireless workers less than a phalanx of a finger.

On their shoulders, however, burden an enormous risk: pollution, pesticides and pathogens that we release into the air every day to carry out our normal activities, not thinking about how much, small gestures, can impact on the planet and the life of bees.
Bees may seem numerous but if we talk about numbers, the real ones play to the disadvantage of our friends and we have the responsibility to save them from a tragic fate.

Bee Light every year support the defense of the ecosystem of the world of bees by paying over 1% gross of the proceeds to protection associations.
Join our team too, a greener world is possible!

Reclaimed Wood Shop

“95% of recovered wood generates new raw materials or new products”

Almost 2 million tons of post-consumer wood are destined for recycling every year in Italy.
This is confirmed by Rilegno, the national consortium for the recovery and recycling of wood packaging, presenting the data of its activities for 2018.
The document, approved last week by the Annual Assembly, shows the great progress made by the sector in the last 12 months: an increase in collected volumes of 7.74% over the previous year and a percentage of 63% achieved in packaging recycling of wood (new packaging placed on the market in 2018 exceeded 3 million tons).

Numbers that make the supply chain a true champion at EU level: today, in fact, the Italian system already exceeds the EU target set for 2030.

In just over 20 years, the wood recovery and recycling system in Italy has created a “new” economy that has produced important results both in environmental terms and for the ability to create development and employment: A case of success Made in Italy that puts us at the forefront in Europe.

Most of all this post-consumer wood, sent for recycling, consists of pallets, industrial packaging, fruit and vegetable packaging and food packaging.

We created the design of our workshop and store using EUR type pallets, combined with Italian antiques from the early 1900s.
The EUR marking guarantees the anti-fungal and fire retardant treatments on the pallets.
By including them in our projects, we thus avoid using chemicals again for the treatment and conservation of wooden planks.

The modularity of the pallets and their versatility in being able to be disassembled and re-assembled guarantees us the possibility of creating custom-made furniture, essential to adapt to any type of space.
Furthermore, the warm nuances of the wood give a welcoming and hospitable note to our store, essential to make all the people who visit it feel at ease.

Sustainable Packaging

“2019 confirmed that the differentiated collection of paper and cardboard is a consolidated habit in Italy”.

In 1998, one million tons of paper and cardboard were collected in Italy, equal to 17 kg / inhabitant. In just over 20 years, the municipal collection has more than tripled and today our country is in effect an exporter of recycled paper. (source: Comieco)

Packaging recycling: milestone in sight. We are on track for the sector to reach the 85% target in 2030 as today we have already reached and exceeded the recycling targets that the European directive envisages by 2025 for cellulosic-based packaging.


“With the increase in online purchases, packaging also increases”.

According to Netcomm estimates, there are about 20 million monthly deliveries in Italy, resulting in a significant flow of packaging that can prove to be an opportunity for the recycling industry.

Packaging is the key element in customer service, but with the surge in online purchases, packaging is also growing and the need to find sustainable solutions for production and recovery is increasingly accentuated.

According to the Data Bank of the Italian Packaging Institute relating to the packaging sector in this area, 92% of orders are shipped in corrugated cardboard packaging: these are mainly boxes.


In 2019, 293,000 tons of corrugated cardboard were used for the boxes used to move goods sold via e-commerce, about 6% of the total corrugated cardboard produced in Italy.

The national recycling system absorbs the flows of materials available from collections for 5 million tons, down by about 100 thousand tons (-1.6% compared to 2018).

Each component of our packaging is 100% eco-sustainable and recyclable.

The rigid cardboard packaging deriving from cellulose and the water-soluble ink are completely recyclable.

Each jewel is also inserted in a special case of our design, made entirely in Italy and using a new generation textile product with a high concentration of wool.

In this process, it is not used any resin and toxic substance, as they are harmful to humans and especially to the environment.

This special case encourages every person to use it for the storage and transport of their jewelry, especially when traveling. The aim is to favor a long use of the materials, even reducing the need for recycling them.

Since 2020, our shipping services are strongly committed to the fight against pollution.

In fact, the plastic bags that we supply at our store are entirely produced with 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

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