Bee Bright Technique

Bee Bright Technique

“After I graduated, I spent years constantly searching for the beauty of art, of amazement and of disenchantment.
The experience at the Alchimia goldsmith art school in Florence gave me the opportunity to come into contact with innovative materials.

I drew inspiration from some of them, still never used, to experiment with the first prototypes of jewels with the technique I was dreaming of.

I was immediately struck by the result, I was holding something special never seen before in the fashion market.
Finally the result that I had dreamed of, unique in its kind, stood out from all the rest.
After having meticulously perfected the blend in which the brilliant micro glitter is dipped and placed, I decided to call my new creation Bee Bright.

The light helped me to create and refine stone processing with my new special technique.

The process for making each stone finished with Bee Bright is slow and complex.
In fact, it requires a dedication to manual skills and truly obsessive attention to detail.

For this reason I have created special tool supports on which I can fix the stones and pearls to work more conveniently. In this way, I have global vision of every single step of the process on the bench of my laboratory. Each single element is individually finished with Bee Bright to take the utmost care of every detail. The vitreous and brilliant result that I thought of for my technique, is obtained after a patient drying of 72 hours at constant temperature and humidity.

On the other side, the drawing lessons at the university came in handy for the creation of the company logo. I put the supporting elements of my dream on a sheet of notebook: bees, stardust, light, colors, stones, emotion, magic. Bee Bright refers to the bee that works incessantly with precision to create hives, and because bees needs a clean planet, pure air, pristine skies.

Being guided by the enormous creative stimuli and the desire to innovate, together with my team we have created dedicated jewelery lines.
This innovative technique of ours further enhances the natural beauty of the stones and acts as a frame giving a very special brightness.

We have combined a glamorous design with the quality of the made in Italy workmanship of jewels that, when worn, become UNIQUE!”.

(Riccardo Zaghini) 

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