Antonella Toni

Antonella Toni

“Fashion has always been my passion.
After the diploma as an accountant which directed me towards an “ordinary” job, I changed course. First the management of a store of a luxury underwear brand in Riccione (Italy), then the curiosity and the desire to create, led me to attend the Showcase Academy in Milan.
Thus, a new chapter opened in 1990, when I started to practice the profession of visual merchandiser as a freelancer, setting up shop windows in several points of sale of different brands throughout the country with great satisfaction.
Then in 2010, my curious character and always looking for stimuli led me to casually approach the world of handcrafted jewelery, the world of stones, the world of colors, starting to create something that reflected my taste.
The big push comes from the interest for this new world of my son Riccardo, who had just graduated in Architecture.
He had the idea to create the first laboratory inside our home, but this was short-lived as the production required different spaces.
We left for a new adventure and in October 2015 we opened the first Bee Light store and laboratory despite the tumultuous and certainly not very favorable period.
There is a lot of good energy and passion and this will surely make us win”.

(Antonella Toni | Founder & Designer)

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