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Enchanting Jewellery

It is so true the dreams shape the world.
Because what you will find in this virtual shop or physically touching our creations, is born from a dream.
There was me moulding resins with my hands, it was almost like magic shaping stones of every colour of the rainbow.
I woke up full of an energy, with the sense of lightness that only a new emotion can give you and with eyes full of beauty, of saving the world.
It is so true that the dreams makes the reality.
I am an architect that play with measurements and draws, that deal with constructions and invents stones for you to enjoy.
Small bees full of humanity that have created amber coloured honey in the shape of a spider web fill my worktable and fall around me like light particles.
I knew this was a dream I needed to follow.
Studying materials has always been my passion but why was I having this dream?

I was simply imagining the reality that I wanted to live.
So, I picked up my notebook and began loadbearing the elements of my enlightening dream. The bees, the stardust, the light, the colours, the stones, the emotion and of course the magic.
The university’s drawing lessons came out useful to create the logo.
The bees were hard at work creating the beehive with passion. To exist the bees need pure air and clean planet.
The light has helped me to create and improve the manufacturing of the stones with the Bee Bright technique.
The stone I create have a new light that same one of my dream.
The honey, that gold spider web that the hardworking bees have made around my worktable, it’s the metaphor of our mission: combine the glamour design with the working quality of the items that were wore, will became UNIQUE. Not one piece is the same.
Buy a piece of my unique creations will surround you with beauty, summon the good energy of the universe, tell a story or a sentimentally gift.
Dreams truly do make realities.
Search here where you will find our creations of beauty that will never fade.


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