Bee Bright Technique

The Bee Bright technique was inspired by a dream.

After years of work in the field of artisan jewellery, with close and direct daily contact with gemstones, we were continuously in pursuit of an element that enhances the colour and brightness of each stone.

Over the years, Riccardo and Antonella, our designers, have studied and perfected a technique that envelops each individual gemstone in a fine beam of light.

From their idea, the Bee Bright technique was born, giving their jewellery a unique brightness which quickly developed into the characterising feature of the Bee Light brand.

You can truly see the difference when a Bee Bright treated gemstone is compared with an untreated one.

Each gemstone is treated and crafted strictly by hand with precision and attention to the tiniest detail.        

We apply a special blend of ingredients, among which the distinctive micro-glitter used to finely frame the gemstones, giving a brilliant shade to the elements which will become your jewellery.          

The glitter-framed gemstones take three days to dry before being checked by our artisans. Only after having verified the perfect shine and resistance of the finishing, are the gemstones set in the jewellery.